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IBM i (AS/400) spool files management





Quick-SPOOL executes predefined merger, splitting or sorting scenarios for your SCS, IPDS or AFP spools, then routes them depending on the organisation of your business, and this without modifying the original spool.





The grouping of different types of spools and their classification in accordance with one or more criteria of our choice (customer name, file number, project number...) eases the finishing of your documents for publishing, despatch or filing.


Quick-SPOOL allows all the spool management processes to be automated 
Quick-SPOOL offers a completely dynamic user interface...

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Dividing a spool according to one or more criteria of your choice (country code, branch number, presence of a Fax number or an E-mail...) allows decentralised printing or authorises the sending of a spool in the most suitable form (see Distribution ).


Quick-SPOOL offers different destinations for your spools (Printers, fax, email, archiving, EDM, CD writing...)

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Through a user name or the “type” of a spool, the graphical formatting of the document can also be customised by Quick-PRESS.





mini_puce_orange.jpg No modification of the original spools files needed

mini_puce_orange.jpg Process huge volumes along with a very low CPU consumption

mini_puce_orange.jpg Easy definition and process of each output scenario

mini_puce_orange.jpg Native IBM System i product: your application will last long






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